Your question: How do I import an AutoCAD template into Inventor?

How do I add an AutoCAD template to inventor?

Open the Template

  1. In Inventor, click File Open. From the Files of Type list, select AutoCAD drawings (* . dwg). Then select an AutoCAD DWG file, and click Open.
  2. Save the file as an Autodesk Inventor DWG file in the Templates folder.

How do I import a template into Inventor?

To set up a drawing template, open a template file from AutodeskInventor (version number)Templates. Make your changes, and save the file with a new name in the Templates folder. The new template is available the next time the New File dialog box displays.

How do I import a DWG file into Inventor?


  1. Within Inventor, click on “File” tab in the top left corner of the program.
  2. Expand the “Open” option, and select “Import DWG.”
  3. Select the file that will be opened.
  4. When the DWG/ DXF File Wizard is prompted, select “AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical File” and click on “Next.”
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How do I import a CAD template?

To Import a Set of Templates

  1. Click Tools menu Palettes dbConnect.
  2. In the dbConnect Manager, in the tree view, right-click a drawing file. Click Import Template Set.
  3. In the Import Template Set dialog box, select a template set and click Open.

Where are inventor templates stored?

Templates are stored in the following folders, depending on whether you have Inventor or Inventor LT: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10®: C:UsersPublicDocumentsAutodeskInventor(version number)Templates.

How do you create a template in Inventor 2021?

To Create Templates for Drawings

  1. Click File New, select an . …
  2. Customize settings in the Tools tab Options panel Document Settings dialog.
  3. Customize drawing resources by creating custom drawing borders, title blocks, sheet formats, or sketch symbols, or by copying drawing resources from another file.

How do I use a template in Inventor?

To use the custom template:

  1. Create a custom template and store it in Windchill. …
  2. In Autodesk Inventor, select Get Started > Projects. …
  3. Select Folder Options.
  4. Select Templates and click Browse. …
  5. Browse to the custom templates location in the Windchill Commonspace folder and click Open. …
  6. Click OK to complete the operation.

Which inventor template file should you choose to start a new part?

The templates to use as the starting point for your drawings have the standard drawing file extension (. idw, . dwg). Autodesk Inventor maintains links between components and drawings, so you can create a drawing at any time during the creation of a component.

How do you add a custom title block in Inventor?

Add a Title Block to a Drawing Sheet

  1. In the browser, expand Drawing Resources and Title Blocks.
  2. Double-click a title block to insert.
  3. If the title block format contains prompted entries, enter the values in the Edit Property Fields dialog.
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Can inventor open Sketchup files?

There is no option to open/import SKP file in Inventor. Thank you in advance.

How do I extrude a DWG file in Inventor?

Import by AnyCAD

  1. Open Part.
  2. In 3D model ribbon select “Import”.
  3. Choose DWG.
  4. Select plane.
  5. Select the origin point.
  6. Create New sketch.
  7. Use “Project DWG Geometry” and select imported DWG Sketch.
  8. Use Extrude for those sketches.

How do I copy an AutoCAD drawing to inventor?

You can choose to import AutoCAD blocks as Autodesk Inventor sketch blocks. You can open a . dwg file and then copy selected AutoCAD data to the clipboard and paste into a part, assembly, or drawing sketch. The data is imported at the cursor position.

How do I use AutoCAD templates?

Add a layout from an external drawing

  1. Right-click a layout tab in the destination drawing.
  2. Select “From template…”.
  3. Choose the file type (DWG, DWT, or DXF) of the source drawing.
  4. Select the source drawing, then Open.
  5. Choose a layout or layouts from the list, then OK.

Where can I find AutoCAD templates?

To Find Drawing Template Files

  1. Click the Application menu Options, which is a button at the bottom of the Application menu. …
  2. In the Options dialog box, Files tab, click the plus sign (+) to the left of Template Settings.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) to the left of Drawing Template File Location.

How do I create a template in AutoCAD 2020?

To Create a Custom Template

  1. Click New Drawing.
  2. In the Select template dialog box, select acad. …
  3. Click Save As AutoCAD Drawing Template. …
  4. For File name, enter a name for the new template, and click Save.
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