Where are InfraWorks models stored?

When you open a InfraWorks model what is already modeled?

When you open an existing cloud model in the latest release of InfraWorks, InfraWorks downloads a local copy of the into the cloud model cache and displays the model.

How do you make an InfraWorks model?

From InfraWorks Home, click Model Builder.

To create a model with Model Builder

  1. Click to select the current map extents.
  2. Click to draw a rectangular area of interest on the map.
  3. Click to draw a polygonal area of interest on the map.
  4. Click to import a polygonal area of interest.

What is the difference between Civil 3d and InfraWorks?

AutoCAD Civil 3D is the place to create project sheets to communicate details with authorities and contractors. InfraWorks 360 allows users to design in context, but does not output final construction docu- ments.

How do I open InfraWorks model in Civil 3d?

Open Autodesk Civil 3D, and on the Autodesk InfraWorks tab, click Open Model or Import IMX. in the Open InfraWorks Model dialog. Specify an InfraWorks model to open. You can select a local InfraWorks model by selecting a SQLITE file, or you can select an IMX file that was exported from InfraWorks.

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How do I export InfraWorks model?

To export 3D model data

  1. Click Manage Model in the Toolbar.
  2. In the Model Explorer panel, make the desired layers visible. …
  3. Zoom out to see the area to export.
  4. Click Present/Share Present (Export 3D Model).
  5. In the Export to 3D Model File dialog box, specify the area to export:

How do I import an InfraWorks model?

Do one of the following: Drag and drop the model file onto the InfraWorks window.

To import 3D models

  1. Click (Add File Data Source).
  2. Click 3D Model.
  3. Open the model file. InfraWorks supports FBX, IMX, 3DS, OBJ, DAE, and DXF files.

How do you make contours InfraWorks?

To set terrain view settings

  1. From the Views menu in the Toolbar, click to configure view settings for the active view.
  2. Click to display the Terrain settings tab.
  3. Click the controls to toggle Display Contour Lines and Display Elevation Text on or off, and customize the display of the contour lines and elevation text.

How do you change coordinate system in InfraWorks?

To specify the coordinate system during import

  1. Click Manage Content (Data Sources) to open the Data Sources panel.
  2. Import the data .
  3. Right-click the imported data in the Data Sources panel and select Configure to display the Data Source Configuration dialog box.
  4. Select the Geo Location tab. …
  5. Click Close & Refresh.

How do I import InfraWorks into Civil 3D?

You can bring Autodesk InfraWorks data into Autodesk Civil 3D by selecting a local model or an IMX file.

  1. Click Insert tab InfraWorks panel InfraWorks Open InfraWorks Model Find.
  2. In the Open InfraWorks Model dialog box, specify an InfraWorks model to open.
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How do I export InfraWorks to Sketchup?

To import a DAE file (recommended)

  1. In Sketchup, open the 3D model that you want to bring into InfraWorks.
  2. Choose File Export 3D Model.
  3. Specify Export Type: Collada File (*. …
  4. Open InfraWorks 360.
  5. Open your InfraWorks 360 model.
  6. Click .
  7. Click in the Data Sources panel, and choose 3D Model.