What are dimensional constraints in SolidWorks?

Where are the constraints in Solidworks?

The constraints can be driven global variables or sensors for mass properties, dimensions, and simulation data. On the Variable View tab or Table View tab of the design study, in Constraints section, do one of the following: Select a predefined sensor from the list.

What is the difference between geometric and dimensional constraints?

There are two types of constraints: geometric and dimensional. Geometric constraints are used to control the relationships of objects in respect to each other. Dimensional constraints are used to control the distance, angle, radius, and length values of objects.

What are the type of geometric constraints?

A geometric constraint is a non-numerical relationship between the parts of a geometric figure. Geometric constraints: Associate geometric entities together two by two (coincident, concentric, collinear, parallel, perpendicular, tangent, smooth, symmetric, equal).

How many types of constraints are there in Solidworks?

Constraints between two lines

On selecting two lines the following relationships are made available, parallel, perpendicular, equal and collinear.

Is AutoCAD LT Parametric?

The topics covering parametric drawing are included in AutoCAD LT Help to support compatibility with AutoCAD. In AutoCAD LT, parametric drawing technology is limited to the following areas: Displaying and hiding constraints. Editing and manipulating constrained geometry.

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What will happen if you make a change to a dimensional constraint?

If you change the value of a dimensional constraint, all the constraints on the object are evaluated, and the objects that are affected are updated automatically.

How can you make a dimension perform as a dimensional constraint?

Lock a permanent dimension to create a constraint. When you place a permanent dimension, you can click the lock icon for the dimension and create a constraint. A constraint (dashed blue line) appears when you select its references, as shown in the following image. Many dimensions may correspond to the same constraint.

How do you access the drive constraint command?

In the browser, right-click the relationship, and then select Drive. The Drive dialog box opens. In Start, enter the beginning value. The default value is the angle or offset defined for the constraint.