Quick Answer: How do you remove a bend line in Solidworks?

How do I remove a bend note in SolidWorks?

You cannot individually delete bend notes, but you can right-click the bend note, and select Hide.

How do I change the bend line style in SolidWorks?

To show bend lines in flat patterns, do one of the following: Click View > Hide/Show > Sketches.

You can select colors for:

  1. Bend Lines – Up Direction.
  2. Bend Lines – Down Direction.
  3. Form Feature.
  4. Bend Lines – Hems.
  5. Model Edges.
  6. Flat Pattern Sketch Color.
  7. Bounding box.

How do you display sheet metal bending notes in Solidworks?

To toggle the visibility of the sheet metal bend notes:

  1. Select the flat pattern drawing view to display the Drawing View PropertyManager.
  2. Click More Properties.
  3. In the View Properties tab, clear Display sheet metal bend notes. You can also right-click Drawing View. in the FeatureManager design tree and select Properties.

How do you find the bend line?

T = material thickness. t = distance from inside face to the neutral line. A = bend angle in degrees (the angle through which the material is bent)

Bend allowance.

Angle 90
Radius 10.0
K-factor 0.33
Thickness 10
Bend allowance 20.89
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How do you bend a leader line in Solidworks?

Right-click a dimension extension line and select Display Options > Jog. Horizontally or vertically drag a point on the dimension extension line to create a bend.

How do you use sheet metal in Solidworks?

To convert a solid part to a sheet metal part:

  1. Create the solid part.
  2. Click Convert to Sheet Metal (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Convert To Sheet Metal .
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Sheet Metal Gauges, set options if you want to use a gauge table: …
  4. Under Sheet Metal Parameters:

What is a lofted bend?

Lofted bends in sheet metal parts use two open-profile sketches that are connected by a loft. Begin with two open profile sketches. … Use Lofted Bends to create a solid feature. Lofted bend is complete.

How do you delete a flat pattern in Solidworks?

Creating a new FLAT-PATTERN configuration

3) Within the configuration tab of the feature manager tree delete the original default configuration by right clicking the configuration name and choosing delete.

Why is flatten greyed out?

The reason for the “Flatten” icon being greyed out was because the sheet metal part had a “Flat Pattern” annotation view and this annotation view was active. By selecting another annotation view, the “Flatten” icon then becomes available again.