How do you scale in rhino?

How do you scale an object?

Hold both the Shift ⇧ and Option ⌥ keys while resizing to scale the object proportionally from the center of its bounding box. Tip: Use the S keyboard shortcut to quickly select the Scale tool. Objects can be scaled numerically using the Tool Options bar.

What is scale 1d in rhino?

Scale 1-D. The Scale1D command changes the size of selected objects in one direction.

What does a graphic scale look like?

The graphic scale is a divided line on the map with the line lengths designated as to the equivalent distance on the real earth. Several different graphic scales are usually given on a map so that different units of measurement may be applied.

How do you scale a 3D model in Rhino?


  1. Select objects.
  2. Pick an origin.
  3. Type the x scale factor, or pick two reference points. (Press Enter for a scale of 1.0.)
  4. Type the y scale factor, or pick two reference points. (Press Enter for a scale of 1.0.)
  5. Type the z scale factor, or pick two reference points. (Press Enter for a scale of 1.0.)

How do you scale2d in rhino?

5 Steps to Scaling Objects in Rhino 5

  1. Type “Scale” in the upper lefthand box. Three options appear. …
  2. Select Scale 2D to scale in two directions. …
  3. Choose Scale 3D to scale in three directions. …
  4. Choose a reference line, and move your mouse to dramatically scale the object.
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How do you scale on Gumball?

Press and hold Shift to force a 3-D scale. The origin is the gumball center. Tap Alt while dragging any control to create a copy. Click any control to specify a distance, angle, or scale factor.

What is the standard architectural scale?

Architect scales, such as 1/4˝ = 1´-0˝ (1/48 size) or 1/8˝ = 1´-0˝ (1/96 size), are used for structures and buildings. They are used to measure interior and exterior dimensions such as rooms, walls, doors, windows, and fire protection system details. Other scale tools include flat scales and rolling scales.

Where is the scale tool in Adobe?

Do one of the following: To scale from the center, choose Object > Transform > Scale or double-click the Scale tool . To scale relative to a different reference point, select the Scale tool and Alt‑click (Windows) or Option‑click (Mac OS) where you want the reference point to be in the document window.

How do you scale an ID?

Scale an object using the Scale command

  1. Choose Object > Transform > Scale.
  2. Double-click the Scale tool .
  3. Select the Scale tool and Alt‑click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) on or near the object to select a new reference point.