How do you cook a fillet in Freecad?

How do you remove a fillet from FreeCAD?


  1. Import solid data from STEP file and switch workbench to Part workbench .
  2. In the 3D view, select the face of the shape (hole, fillet, etc.) you want to delete. And execute Defeaturing tool. or select [Part]-[Defeaturing] menu. Selects the shape you want to delete. Results of deleting.

How do you attach parts to FreeCAD?


  1. Select the object to be attached.
  2. Go to the Part → Attachment… …
  3. Under Attachment parameters, Not attached can be read. …
  4. Select a topology element on the object to attach to: vertex, edge or face/plane. …
  5. The first button’s label now adopts the type of topology selected. …
  6. Select an Attachment mode in the list.

How do I join lines in Freecad?

Select two or more Draft Lines and/or Draft Wires.

  1. Press the Draft Join button.
  2. Select the Modification → Join option from the menu.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: J then O.

How do you simplify a mesh in Freecad?


  1. Select one or more mesh objects.
  2. Press the Mesh Decimating button. Select the Meshes → Decimation…
  3. The Decimating task panel opens.
  4. Specify the Reduction: If only one mesh object has been selected and you choose the Absolute number option: …
  5. Press the OK button to finish the command.

What is a body in FreeCAD?

In FreeCAD the word “Body” is normally used to refer to a PartDesign Body object ( PartDesign::Body class) that is defined by the PartDesign Workbench. This is a container object that can hold 2D sketches and 3D geometrical features to build a solid shape.

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