How do you collapse an exploded view in Solidworks?

How do you collapse an Exploded View?

Double-click the Exploded View feature. Right-click the Exploded View feature, and click Explode or Collapse.

How do you close an Exploded View in Solidworks?

To explode and collapse an exploded view: On the ConfigurationManager tab , expand the desired configuration, and then: Double-click the ExplView feature. Right-click the ExplView feature and select Explode (or Collapse).

How do you collapse parts in Solidworks?

Double-click the ExplView feature. Right-click the ExplView feature and select Explode (or Collapse). Right-click the ExplView feature and select Animate explode (or Animate collapse) to display the Animation Controller pop-up toolbar while the assembly explodes or collapses.

How do you animate an Exploded View in Solidworks 2020?

To animate the exploding and collapsing of the view, do one of the following:

  1. Right-click Exploded View , and click Animate explode or Animate collapse. …
  2. Use the Animation Wizard for full control over the duration of each step during the animation.

How do I edit explode lines in Solidworks?

To edit an explode line sketch:

  1. In the ConfigurationManager, click to expand ExplView .
  2. Right-click 3DExplode , and select Edit Sketch.
  3. Edit the sketch as you would for any 3D sketch, or add more explode lines.
  4. Close the sketch.
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How do you expand in Solidworks?

Expanding and Collapsing Items and Folders

  1. To expand or collapse a folder or item, do any: Double-click the folder or item. Click (expand) or (collapse) next to the folder or item name. …
  2. To expand or collapse all items in the main pane, click Expand Levels (toolbar) and select one: Expand One Level. Expand Two Levels.

How do you expand a tree in Solidworks?

By hovering your cursor over the Flyout FeatureManager Tree and hitting the C key on your keyboard, you can toggle between expanding and collapsing the tree. Hopefully these shortcuts will help increase your productivity time the next time you’re designing in SOLIDWORKS.

How do you add lines to exploded view solidworks?

Adding Explode Lines

  1. Click Explode Line Sketch (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Explode Line Sketch. The Explode Sketch toolbar appears. …
  2. Add explode lines by using: Route Line (Explode Sketch toolbar) …
  3. Close the sketch. The sketch 3DExplode appears in the ConfigurationManager under Exploded View .