How do I turn on reflections in Solidworks?

How do I turn off shadows and reflections in Solidworks?

Click Tools > Options. On the General tab, under Appearance, select or clear Display shadows, then click OK.

How do I turn on Shadows in Solidworks?

To turn on shadows, do one of the following: From the Task Pane, Alt + drag or Alt + double-click to apply a scene and open the Edit Scene PropertyManager. Under Floor, click Floor shadows. From the DisplayManager, click View Scene, Lights, and Cameras .

How do I turn off reflections in Solidworks 2020?

Suppressing the Display of Reflections

To suppress the display of reflection: Click Tools > Options. On the General tab, under Performance, select Fastest speed, then click OK.

How do you create a floor in Solidworks?

Right-click Scene and click Add Floor Appearance (if no floor appearance exists) or Edit Floor Appearance (if you have added a floor appearance). To remove a floor appearance, select it and click Delete Floor Appearance.

How do I get PhotoView 360 on SolidWorks?

With a model open, click Tools > Add-In and add in PhotoView 360. Start a preview in the graphics area or open the Preview window to see how changes you make to the model affect the rendering. Edit appearances, the scene, and decals.

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How do I turn off RealView graphics in Solidworks?

Realview and Shadows

These can both be toggled on or off via View Settings on the Heads-up View Toolbar.

How do I add RealView graphics to Solidworks?

Click one of the following:

  1. View Settings > RealView Graphics.
  2. RealView Graphics (View toolbar)
  3. View > Display > RealView Graphics.