How do I rotate a drawing in Draftsight?

How do I Rotate a drawing view?

Right-click a view to rotate and then select Rotate. In the Rotate View dialog, specify whether to rotate by an edge or an angle: To rotate the view by edge, select Edge from the Rotate View By list, select an edge in the drawing view, or select Horizontal or Vertical to make the selected edge horizontal or vertical.

How do I Rotate a drawing view in Solid Edge?

To rotate a drawing view around a model edge:

  1. Select a linear model edge in a drawing view.
  2. Click Tools > Align Drawing View > Horizontal Edge or Vertical Edge. The view rotates until the selected edge is oriented horizontally or vertically.

How do you Rotate in Draftsight 3D?

Rotating in 3D Space

  1. Type Rotate3D at the command prompt.
  2. In the graphics area, select entities to rotate and press Enter.
  3. Click in the graphics area or type 3D coordinates to set the points on the axis (axis of rotation), or specify an option: …
  4. Define the angle of rotation:

How do you Rotate a sketch 90 degrees?

(Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Modify. In the dialog box, do one of the following: Type a value for Rotate to set the rotation value and press Enter.

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How do I change the orientation of a drawing in SolidWorks?

Click View Orientation (View toolbar). Click View > Modify > Orientation. Press the Space Bar. Right-click in a drawing sheet and select Zoom/Pan/Rotate > View Orientation.

What is the use of 3D rotate command?

Moves objects about a 3D axis. It is recommended that you use the gizmos available through the 3DMOVE and 3DROTATE commands to manipulate 3D objects.

How do you rotate a 3D model?

To Rotate a 3D Object Around an Axis

  1. Click Home tab > Modify panel > Rotate 3D. Find. …
  2. Select the object to rotate (1).
  3. Specify the start point and endpoint of the axis about which the objects are to be rotated (2 and 3). …
  4. Specify the angle of rotation.