How do I roll back a part in Solidworks?

Can you roll back an assembly in Solidworks?

You can roll back reference geometry, sketches, component patterns, assembly features and in-context features. In general, rolling back assembly items behaves the same as rolling back features in parts. … If you roll back an assembly pattern, the components generated by that pattern are rolled back.

What is the rollback bar on Solidworks?

You can use the FeatureManager rollback bar or shortcut menu to temporarily roll back to an earlier state, to absorbed features, roll forward, roll to previous, or roll to the end of the FeatureManager design tree.

What does Ctrl Q Do in SOLIDWORKS?

Forced Rebuild (Ctrl+Q)

When working on a part, forced rebuild will rebuild every feature in the Feature Tree, this is different to a standard rebuild (Ctrl+B) which will only rebuild changed features. This Forced Rebuild will also rebuild any views on a drawing which have sketch entities or require rebuilding.

What is top down modeling in SOLIDWORKS?

In top-down assembly design, one or more features of a part are defined by something in an assembly, such as a layout sketch or the geometry of another part. The design intent comes from the top, which is the assembly, and moves down to the parts.

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What does the rollback bar do?

A rollback bar is a tool that is often overlooked. It has many uses, such as suppressing features, reducing rebuild time, and showing how a model was created. It also allows us to add features anywhere on our FeatureManager design tree.

What does rollback state mean?

In political science, rollback is the strategy of forcing a change in the major policies of a state, usually by replacing its ruling regime. It contrasts with containment, which means preventing the expansion of that state; and with détente, which means a working relationship with that state.

What does Rebuilding do in Solidworks?

When you perform the default Rebuild (CTRL-B), SOLIDWORKS rebuilds the changed features and their children only. … Force Rebuild solves this by forcing SOLIDWORKS to rebuild the entire feature tree – whether features were changed or not.

How do I make Solidworks full screen?

To access full screen view: Click Full Screen View (Standard toolbar) or View > Full Screen. To access menus when in full screen view, hover the pointer at the top of the screen.

Which choice is an example of sketched feature?

Sketched features require the use of a sketch in order to be created, and include features such as Extruded Boss/Cut, Revolved Boss/Cut and many others. Applied features do not require a sketch, and are applied directly to existing geometry. Shell and Fillet features fall into this category.

How do I change the display style in Solidworks?

Click Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings > Display Style.