How do I remove a link in Catia?

How do I delete a link in Catia?

Perform the following steps to Remove Links.

  1. Pick one or more item revisions in Teamcenter.
  2. Pick CATIA V5 >> Remove Links.
  3. View the process completed message indicating the links which have been removed. If no links have been removed, this message indicates the process has completed.

How do you fix broken links in Catia?

You can repair a broken link by removing the link to the missing document. For example, if a section has a broken link because a linked topic was deleted, you can open the section in the Outline Editor and remove the missing topic from the section.

How do I remove a link in Catia V5?

Right-click the view and select Front view object > Modify Links . A warning message is displayed, advising you to remove broken links. Click OK . The Link Modification dialog box is displayed with the broken link highlighted so that you can remove it.

How do I get rid of MML link in Catia?

How to remove MML link? I think what you need to do is right click on the detail of the frame block and select EXPLODE. This will place it into the background of the current drawing and brake the link to the referenced (where copied from) drawing.

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