Your question: How do you undo a rebuild in Solidworks?

How do I undo a SOLIDWORKS rebuild error?

What’s Wrong?

  1. Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools, Options.
  2. Select Stop, Continue, or Prompt for When rebuild error occurs, then click OK.

What is rebuild error in SOLIDWORKS?

Some common rebuild errors include: Dangling Dimensions or Relations. Dimensions or relations to an entity that no longer exists. Features that cannot be rebuilt, such as a fillet that is too large.

Why does SOLIDWORKS keep rebuilding?

As you might expect, the rebuild tool in SOLIDWORKS is one of the most frequently used tools in the suite. The frequency of this tool is due to the necessity to regenerate our models into a current state as the physical shape of the model develops along changes in parameters that drive the model or assembly.

Where is the rebuild tool in SOLIDWORKS?

The Rebuild toolbar buttons are located on the Standard toolbar. You can add the tools to the CommandManager, shortcut bars, and mouse gestures.

How does solidworks rebuild work?

To rebuild all features, press Ctrl + Q. Can take significantly more time, depending on the complexity of your model. When you reorder an imported feature or any other feature with no parent or child, the part does not rebuild – only the FeatureManager design tree rebuilds.

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How do I fix an import error in Solidworks?

The following two options in Tools > Options > Import can help identify and repair geometry errors as files are imported in SOLIDWORKS:

  1. Perform full entity check and repair errors.
  2. Automatically run SOLIDWORKS Import Diagnostics (Healing)

How do I repair a sketch in Solidworks?

To open the Repair Sketch tool: Click Tools > Sketch Tools > Repair Sketch. Repair Sketch deletes these from the sketch.

What is quick snap solidworks?

Quick Snaps are instantaneous, single operation Sketch Snaps. Sketching any sketch entity (such as a line) from start to finish is a single operation. Selecting a particular Quick Snaps filters out other Sketch Snaps, enabling you to focus on a particular capability.

How do I find a circular reference in Solidworks?

How to find a Circular Reference

  1. Run Performance Evaluation (previously called AssemblyXpert) when you first open the Assembly. …
  2. Click the Rebuild icon, or press Ctrl+Q, for a forced rebuild.
  3. Look for a rebuild symbol in the Feature Manager Tree that will not go away.
  4. Look at the feature, sketch, or component.

How do I unlock Solidworks features?

To lock, unlock, or break external references in the External References dialog box:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree: …
  2. Click External References. …
  3. To modify external references, select the external references and click Break Selected, Lock Selected, or Unlock Selected. …
  4. Click OK.

What is solidworks freeze bar?

The freeze bar controls the point at which a part’s FeatureManager design tree rebuilds. Features above the freeze bar are frozen – you cannot edit them, and they are excluded from rebuilds of the model. Freezing a portion of a model can be useful if you work with complex models with many features.

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