Where is the rectangle in Onshape?

Where is the rectangle tool in Onshape?

Click (or press the G key) to select the Rectangle tool. Click in the graphics area to start the rectangle, move the cursor to draw the rectangle.

How do you use the Onshape tool?

To project or convert an edge, edges, and silhouettes of a part, or sketch onto the active sketch plane, create a new sketch, select the plane that you wish to use, then click the Use (project/convert) sketch tool on the sketch toolbar. You can now select the lines that appear based on the plane.

How do you edit Onshape sketches?

Edit the sketch feature — double click or use mouse menu->edit in the feature list. Click in the plane select box (just under the green check mark) to activate it, then click on the plane you want the sketch to appear on. The sketch should move.

How do you hollow a box on Onshape?

In the meantime, my preferred method is to do a thicken + intersect.

  1. Model the part you want to hollow.
  2. Start a thicken and set it to intersect. Set the thickness of the part that you desire.
  3. Cross/box-select all of the faces. …
  4. Use a section plane to verify it is hollowed correctly.
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