What is the purpose of elevation on house or building plans?

What is an elevation of a house plan?

The term elevation is simply the way the front, side or rear of a structure is designed. When builders use the term they are referring to the different ways to build the exterior of a house. Depending on the subdivision, buyers often have a choice involving at least three to five elevations.

What do elevations tell you about a building?

An Elevation Drawing is an interior or exterior view of the vertical elements of the structure. … Unlike a 3D or perspective drawing, elevations are 2 dimensional. They don’t show depth. The drawing above represents the 2D representation of the front elevation of the building.

Why is elevation important in architecture?

Elevations are drawn as if looking at a building from the front or side (as opposed to floor plans which are drawn looking at a building from above) and provide the viewer with an idea of how the final building will appear. … wall height and overall building height measured from Natural Ground Level.

What is the importance of an elevation of a point cite an example?

Probably their most important function is to reveal the topography, that is, the shape of the land. Topography is shown by contours, lines composed of points with the same elevation. Elevation refers to the vertical height of a point above sea level.

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How do you plan elevation?

To Create a 2D or 3D Elevation

  1. Draw an elevation line in the drawing.
  2. Select the elevation line.
  3. Click Building Elevation Line tab Modify panel Generate Elevation.
  4. Select the type of elevation object you want to create: …
  5. For Style to Generate, select a style for a 2D elevation.

How do you explain elevation?

Elevation is distance above sea level. Elevations are usually measured in meters or feet. They can be shown on maps by contour lines, which connect points with the same elevation; by bands of color; or by numbers giving the exact elevations of particular points on the Earths surface.