What is COBie in Revit?

What is COBie used for?

COBie stands for the Construction Operations Building Information Exchange, and it is an international standard that relates to the exchange of building information. It is most commonly used in the product data handover from the construction team to the operations team.

What is the difference between COBie and IFC?

Cobie and IFC

Basically, IFC is a file that has all the information about a building. … This is called Model View Definition, which works like a filter that selects only the information we need. COBie is a Model View Definition (MVD) homologated by Building Smart.

What is BIM 6D?

6D BIM dimension(Project life cycle information)

The 6D process means that a model that was created by a designer gets updated or modified in the course of the construction. This particular model can be submitted to the owner as an “as-built” model.

How do I extract COBie data from Revit?

COBie Extension for Revit – Create Spreadsheet

  1. Choose an Action.
  2. New file: This will generate a new Excel spreadsheet using the built-in COBie template.
  3. Append: This option will utilize an existing COBie spreadsheet generated by the COBie extension, and append any new information to it.
  4. Select Links to Export.
  5. File.

How do I download COBie extensions for Revit?

The COBie Extension for Revit can be downloaded from The Autodesk BIM Interoperability Tools.

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