What does Big stand for architecture?

What does 2NO mean?

2NO : Summary

Code 2NO
Systematic names Program Version Name ACDLabs 10.04 nitrous acid
Formula N O2
Formal charge

What is AFF construction?

AFF: Above Finish Floor.

Is Bjarke Ingels the best architect?

I still think Ingels is one of the best architects producing large buildings today. His work is elegant and expressive, often sensitive to its immediate context and generous in its open spaces. It breaks down scale and intertwines landscape and artificial environments. It is exhilarating and sensitive at the same time.

What does F stand for on a floor plan?

House plan abbreviations

FL Floor level (note: the floor level is provided as a figure relative to a datum, or universal reference point)
FW Floor waste
GM Gas meter
GPO General purpose outlet (i.e. power point)

What does are stand for?


Acronym Definition
ARE Assistant Research Engineer
ARE Accident Response Exercise
ARE Assistant Resident Engineer
ARE Agricultural and Resource Economics (university department)

What does 36 AFF mean?

AFF – Above Finish Floor. This is an acronym commonly used in dimensioning. If you see a note saying 8′-0” AFF, it means that whatever is being referenced is 8 feet and zero inches above the surface of the finished floor (whatever you walk on, e.g. the surface of the tile, not the underlay) in that room.

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What does op mean in construction?

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to establish the submittal, review, design, construction process, and financial administration for new construction, renovation and building modification projects.

What does OC mean in construction?

Occupancy Certificate. An OC certifies that the construction of the building has complied with the approved plans. It is issued by local municipal authorities or the building proposal department once the building has been completed and is ready to be occupied.