Quick Answer: How do you use the subtraction tool in AutoCAD?

What is the purpose of subtract tool in CAD software?

With SUBTRACT, you can create a 2D region object by subtracting one set of existing region objects from another, overlapping set. You can select only regions for use with this command. … Objects in the second selection set are subtracted from objects in the first selection set. A single new region is created.

How do you subtract in Autodesk?

Select the objects that you want to keep, press Enter, then select the objects that you want to subtract. Objects in the second selection set are subtracted from objects in the first selection set. A single new 3D solid or surface is created.

What is the default UCS in 3D AutoCAD?

AutoCAD provides a movable coordinate system called the user coordinate system(UCS). The XY plane of the UCS is called the workplane. In a drawing, by default WCS and UCS have the same orientation. When you create and modify objects in a 3D environment, you can move and reorient the UCS in 3D modeling view.

What is the Array command in AutoCAD?

Creates copies of objects arranged in a pattern. You can create copies of objects in a regularly spaced rectangular, polar, or path array. The DELOBJ system variable controls whether the source objects of the array are deleted or retained after the array is created.

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How do you subtract bodies in Inventor?

You can use the Combine command. First select the Base model (the model you want to subtract from). Then select the toolbody the solid you want to subtract from the base model. Then select the subtract option.

What is the use of UCS in AutoCAD?

Summary. The UCS is the active coordinate system that establishes the XY plane (work plane) and Z-axis direction for drawing and modeling. Control the UCS origin and orientation to make drawing more convenient as you specify points, enter coordinates, and work with drawing aids, such as Ortho mode and the grid.

Which options are used to draw this polyline?

Draw a Polyline with Straight and Curved Segments

  • Click Home tab Draw panel Polyline. …
  • Specify the first point of the polyline.
  • Specify the endpoint of the first segment.
  • Switch to Arc mode by entering a (Arc) at the Command prompt.
  • Return to Line mode by entering L (Line).
  • Specify additional segments as needed.