Quick Answer: How do you import contour lines in AutoCAD?

What are contour lines in AutoCAD?

Contour lines are stored as new polyline or polygon features in an SDF file, and as a new layer in Display Manager. You can edit and style the contour lines as you do any other feature layer.

How do you export contour lines?

To export a contour lines object, right-click on the contour lines in the Cross Sections and Contours folder and select Export. Select whether or not to export the contours in 2.5D format, then click Export. You will be prompted for a filename and location.

Can you import Google Maps into SketchUp?

Since SketchUp was owned by Google and initially used to crowdsource their Google Earth modeling, there are powerful, easy to use tools built into SketchUp to help both import maps into your models and also to geolocate models in Google Earth. … Type in the location you’d like to import maps from into your model.

How do you check contour in AutoCAD?

To Check Whether a Contour Is Closed or Not (AutoCAD Mechanical Toolset)

  1. Click Home tab Construction panel drop-down Contour Trace. Find.
  2. To check the outer contour of an area: …
  3. To check the inner contour of an area: …
  4. In the Message dialog box, click No. …
  5. Each time the system pauses type Y and press ENTER.
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How do you add contour lines in Civil 3D?

To Add Contour Data to a Surface

  1. In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the surface Definition collection, right-click Contours, and click Add.
  2. In the Add Contour Data dialog box, enter the contour description in the Description field.

What are the types of contour lines?

Contour lines are of three different kinds. They are the Index lines, Intermediate lines and the Supplementary lines.