Quick Answer: Can a document in Onshape have multiple part Studios?

Can part Studios only contain one part in Onshape?

Only the parts that must share common references should be in the same Part Studio. When it is time to assemble parts, you can use parts from multiple Part Studios, even from different documents in the same Assembly.

How do I add another part to Onshape?

Click the Insert parts and assemblies tool . Select Current document to insert from this document or Other documents to find another document from which to select. You can also select to insert Onshape-supplied standard parts from Standard content.

Can you group parts in Onshape?

You have the ability to change the relative positions of the parts in a Part Studio, and the Group in the Assembly updates accordingly. Only instances of an assembly can be selected as group members. Adding a subassembly instance to a group makes the whole subassembly effectively rigid.

How do I export Onshape to multiple parts?

You can select multiple parts at once in Part Studios. For STL and Parasolid formats, choose to export as one file or as individual files. In Assemblies, use the tab Export option to export the entire Assembly at once. For STL and Parasolid formats, choose to export as one file or individual files.

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What are the two main tool bars in a part studio in Onshape?


  • Sketch toolbar Open by selecting Sketch on the Feature toolbar.
  • Assembly toolbar.
  • Drawings toolbar.

How do I export Onshape?

To export, right click the tab that you would like to export and click “Export.” Then simply choose the file format you want the exported file in. Onshape also creates a tab with the translated file for easy download later.

What programs can open STEP files?

Programs that open STEP files

  • Autodesk Fusion 360. Dassault Systemes SolidWorks. IMSI TurboCAD Pro. ideaMK STP Viewer. Dassault Systemes CATIA. …
  • Autodesk Fusion 360. IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe. FreeCAD.
  • Linux. Dassault Systemes CATIA. LKSoft IDA-STEP. FreeCAD.
  • Web. eMachineShop Free Online STEP File Viewer. Wikifactory. ShareCAD.org.

How do you download Onshape?

Tap the menu icon next to the tab and tap Download. Download copies the file in its current format to your local machine, giving it the same name and file type. You are able to import and download any non-native file type into and out of Onshape.