Question: How do I restore my sketch Onshape?

How do you fix a sketch on Onshape?

If you click the center of the circle and then click the Fix tool on the sketch toolbar, the Fix icon is affixed to the circle, and you can no longer move the circle. To remove the fix attribute from the circle, select it and then press the delete key on your keyboard.

Why is my sketch blue Onshape?

Blue indicates a constraint associated with something outside of the sketch, for instance the origin, or an edge of a previous feature. White indicates a constraint between entities in that sketch. Onshape makes it easy to not only to see all the constraints, but also to evaluate them.

How do you center a drawing?

Center shapes on the drawing page

  1. In the drawing, select the shapes you need to center. To do that, do the following: Drag a selection net around all the shapes that you want to center. Hold down the SHIFT key and click all the shapes you want to center.
  2. On the Home tab, click Align > Align Center.

What is a sketch in Onshape?

In Onshape, sketches are created in Part Studios and consist of sketch curves (line segments, polygons, rectangles, splines, etc). Sketches are the basis for models and are stored parametrically, visible in the Feature list as its own entity.

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What color are sketch entities that are under defined?

The color of sketch entities indicate its constrained status: Blue means under-constrained. Black means fully constrained. Red means a constraint problem (over-constrained)

How do you make an Onshape line?

To sketch a single line, click once on the start point and double click on the endpoint. This creates a single line. Alternately, you can click and drag from the start point to the end point. When you let go, the line is created.

What must you first do when creating a new sketch in Onshape?

To begin creating a sketch in Onshape, you first create a Document.

Create a part from the sketch

  1. Select the Extrude tool. …
  2. Select the enclosed (shaded) regions of both rectangles.
  3. Accept the defaults for the remaining fields in the dialog.