Is design history is required to capture a components position in Fusion 360?

What does capture position do in Fusion 360?

Solution: Any time you move components around in Fusion 360 you will be asked if you’d like to “Capture Position.” Capture Position records the current position of all components in the design. It also adds a capture position feature in the parametric timeline.

Where can the history of commands be found in Fusion 360?

The Timeline is located at the bottom of your Fusion 360 interface and contains a complete collection of every change made to your design. If you ever want to know what happened and when, this is the place to look.

Can you move components in Fusion 360?

Use the “Bodies” selection for the Move tool and select the bodies you want to position, which you can then move as a block. Create a component and insert all of the bodies you’d like to move, then use the “Components” selection on the move tool and move the whole component.

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What is the main difference between using 3D print and save as STL in Fusion 360?

Although STL is the most widely used file format for 3D printing, it also has its own limitations. STL only understands the external surface and shape of the 3D model. The second biggest problem regarding STL files is the gaps and overlaps of joining surfaces in model that are not drawn correctly.

Can we share a public link of a Fusion 360 file so that the user can download into their local system?

Inside Fusion 360, open the Data Panel and locate the Design you’d like to share. Right-click on the design and select Share Public Link. … Next, you’ll be able to choose whether or not the Design can be downloaded, as well as if it requires a password.

How do you show timeline on fusion?

Locating a feature using the timeline

You’ll see a dotted grey line appear under the folder the sketch or feature is in. Similarly to find a Profile Sketch from the Browser in the timeline simply right click the sketch and click Find in Timeline.

What happen if you click on the team hub name at the top of the Data panel?

1. What happens if you click on the team hub name at the top of the data panel? Nothing. All project folders are minimized.

How do you select multiple components in Fusion 360?


If the selection is small and the changes are a one time instance, use CTRL to select multiple individual components and SHIFT to pick multiple components between two selections.

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