How do you select multiple entities in part studio Onshape?

How do you select all parts in Onshape?

Onshape selection works like a toggle. Tap to select, tap again to deselect. Double tap (tap twice, quickly, with one finger) to deselect all.

How do you group things on Inshape?

Right-click a group in the Feature list. Select Hide instances from the context menu.

  1. Create the parts you wish to group (in a Part Studio).
  2. Insert those parts into an Assembly.
  3. Arrange the parts in the desired relationship to each other.
  4. Select Group in the toolbar, and then select the parts to group; click .

Can part Studios only contain one part Onshape?

Only the parts that must share common references should be in the same Part Studio. When it is time to assemble parts, you can use parts from multiple Part Studios, even from different documents in the same Assembly.

Can a document in Onshape have multiple part Studios?

Remember you can add as many Part Studios as you want in the same document (same with all types of tabs).

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Which direction should you box select to ensure that you only select everything fully contained within the box in Onshape?

The box select functionality allows you to drag a box over what you need to select, and depending on the direction you drag, different items are included. Dragging from left to right differs from right to left. Left to right selects only the items completely within the window.

What are the two main tool bars in a part studio in Onshape?


  • Sketch toolbar Open by selecting Sketch on the Feature toolbar.
  • Assembly toolbar.
  • Drawings toolbar.

How do you add parts to part studio Onshape?

Click the Insert parts and assemblies tool . Select Current document to insert from this document or Other documents to find another document from which to select. You can also select to insert Onshape-supplied standard parts from Standard content.

How do you make a part studio Onshape?

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  1. In an Assembly, open the context menu (three vertical dots) for the Assembly origin (in the Assembly list).
  2. Tap .
  3. Select the Assembly origin to act as the new Part Studio origin: either the Assembly origin or a Mate connector in the Assembly.
  4. Tap the checkmark.
  5. A new Part Studio opens.

How do you find public documents on Onshape?

Go to .

  1. Sign in with your Enterprise account information.
  2. Browse the Public document filter as you did previously and copy any documents of interest.
  3. Follow the steps under Enterprise URL or to use those documents in your Enterprise.

What is the keyboard shortcut to hide entities Onshape?

Use the shortcut key “y” to hide a part under the cursor (part will show highlighting on hover). To show the part again, use the context menu “show all” or “show all parts” commands. Access these commands from the context menu for selected parts in an assembly.

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