How do you select lines in Fusion 360?

How do you select an object in Fusion 360?

Click and hold the left mouse button over the hidden geometry to invoke the “Select Other” tool. Use this to select one object that is blocked or hidden.

Why are my lines Blue in Fusion 360?

Blue lines mean that the sketch object is not fully constrained and dimensioned also sometimes referred to as not fully defined. A sketch item will turn from blue to black as soon as it is fully defined.

How do you select all bodies in Fusion 360?

Yes, there is a “select” tool in the toolbar next to “make”. You can use select filters to select components, bodies and faces. Selecting the body in the browser will select the entire body. Clicking on the body in the viewer will only get you faces or edges.

Why are some lines blue and some black in fusion?

This means that the sketch is completely fixed. Fusion 360 indicates this by turning sketch geometry from blue to black. If you have a hard time figuring out what constraint or dimension you need to apply, you can try to drag a corner with your mouse.

How do you join lines in sketch?

Joining Paths

Select two or more open paths and choose Layer > Path > Join from the menu to combine them into a single path.

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