How do you edit a section plane in SketchUp?

How do I change my section plane?

To Change the Current Section Plane

  1. Click Sectioning Tools tab Mode panel Planes .
  2. Click the Current Plane drop-down on the Planes Settings panel, and select the plane you want to make current, for example, Plane 2. The selected plane is now visible (light blue wireframe), and can be manipulated.

How do I cut a section in Sketchup?

If you want to view the structures within to check them or make changes you can cut them using the Section Plane tool.

  1. Open SketchUp and open your drawing.
  2. Click the “Section Plane” tool from the Guide toolbar or the “Tools” menu.
  3. Click on a section to cut into it. Press “Esc” to undo the cut.

How do you delete a section plane in Sketchup?

This plugin does that for you in just 2 click: Edit > Delete Sections.

How do I delete a section plane?

Re: Deleting Section Plane

From the picture, it seems to be inside a group/component. You should edit it to be able to select/delete the section plane.

Why is SketchUp cutoff?

Another situation that can cause clipping is when the Perspective camera mode is turned off. In that case, click the Zoom Extents button (it looks like a magnifying glass with four red arrows pointing outward). The camera zooms out to display the entire model, and the clipping is eliminated.

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