How do you draw on ArchiCAD?

Is ArchiCAD or revit better?

ArchiCAD will get the job done just as well as Revit, but Revit is a much more efficient and powerful program.

Where should I start with ArchiCAD?

I want to learn Archicad, where do I start?

  • 1-Pick a good first project. …
  • 2-Watch Archicad YouTube Videos. …
  • 3-Watch over a coworker’s shoulder while he or she works. …
  • 4-If you don’t have coworkers who know Archicad, search out other local users. …
  • 5-Find a mentor. …
  • 6-Consider training. …
  • 7-Find a template.

How do I scale a drawing in Archicad?

To set the scale of your drawing, click on the scale indicator at the bottom of the Archicad window and select the desired scale. The software, by default, is set to the residential scale.

How much RAM do I need for archicad?


Recommended configuration Minimum Hardware Requirements
CPU Intel Core i5 AMD Ryzen 5 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
Memory 8+ GBRAM
Disk SSD 5+ GB of free space
Graphics card 2+ GB VRAM OpenGL 4.5 compatible graphics cards OpenGL 4.5 compatible graphics card

How do I show my roof plan in archicad?

To show the controls for Overhead line type (as well as other related options) it may be necessary to use the Options menu > Work Environment > Info Box then select Roofs (on the left side) and turn on the visibility (clicking the eyeball icon) for these Roof settings.

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