How do you define a sketch Onshape?

How do you edit a sketch Onshape?

Edit the sketch feature — double click or use mouse menu->edit in the feature list. Click in the plane select box (just under the green check mark) to activate it, then click on the plane you want the sketch to appear on. The sketch should move. You may have to fix up constraints in the sketch.

What is over defined sketch solidworks?

Potential Reasons for These Error Messages

Dimensions or relations are in conflict or are redundant. When you insert dimensions, they are assumed to be driving dimensions. To have two dimensions driving the same geometry is invalid. Over Defined Dimension Example.

How do you make an Onshape line?

Create lines in your drawing.

  1. Click .
  2. Click to begin the line.
  3. Drag and click to define subsequent line segments.
  4. Escape to end the line and exit the tool.

How do you cut a surface on Onshape?

If you are working with surfaces, you can use a combination of split + delete face to cut through a surface.

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