How do you change the Matchline thickness in Revit?

What is Matchline in Revit?

The crop region for the primary view and the crop regions for dependent views are visible. Click View tab Sheet Composition panel (Matchline). Sketch the matchline. When finished, click Finish Matchline.

How do you hide a Matchline in Revit?

You can select the matchline (left-click), then right-click, and hide by element. This should hide it only in the view you want.

Can you tag a Matchline in Revit?

Activate the viewport on the sheet and select the Matchline tool. Draw out the Matchline as shown below. Once the Matchline is drawn, we can tag it on both sheets by selecting the “View Reference” tag tool.

How do you change angle in Revit?

With this tool active, click and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor up to increase the focal length and zoom in. Click and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor down to decrease the focal length and zoom out.

How do I add a Matchline in Revit 2020?

Add a Matchline

  1. Open the primary view from which your dependent views were created.
  2. If crop regions are not visible, click (Show Crop Region) on the View Control Bar. …
  3. Click View tab Sheet Composition panel (Matchline).
  4. Sketch the matchline.
  5. When finished, click Finish Matchline.
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How do you reference a sheet in Revit?

Understanding sheet and view references in Revit

  1. In the Project browser, open Sheets.
  2. Select a section or elevation. …
  3. In the sheet, select a viewport and delete it. …
  4. In the ribbon, in the View tab, click Place View. …
  5. Open a plan (Floor Plan: Level 1) and notice that a callout is created when you added the view.

How do I change a Matchline in Revit?

Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics). Click the Annotation Categories tab.

Modify a Matchline

  1. Open any view in which the matchline is visible, and select the matchline.
  2. Click Modify | Matchline tab Mode panel (Edit Sketch).
  3. Edit the sketch line as necessary.
  4. When finished, click Finish Edit Mode.

What are match lines?

A match line is a line on a design drawing that projects a location or distance from one portion of the drawing to another portion of the drawing.

Is Matchline one word?

Match Line being a command telling you to Match this Line to the same Line on the other page. Matchline being the line that you are matching.