How do I share ArchiCAD files?

How do I share an ArchiCAD project?

How can I share my Teamwork project to a specific folder? 1. Open Archicad.

  1. Open Archicad.
  2. From the startup dialog, choose Create a New Project, or Open an existing project.
  3. Go to Teamwork > Project > Share…
  4. Enter the name of your Project if needed.
  5. Click Share.
  6. You have now added your first project to the BIMcloud.

What is archicad teamwork?

As the name suggests, ARCHICAD Teamwork helps a design team collaborate, allowing the team to work together to produce a Virtual Building model and associated drawings and documentation. However, there are also a number of other features and benefits that it offers over the Solo version.

How does archicad teamwork work?

BIMcloud enables simultaneous teamwork on parallel building projects and multiple Archicad versions. In practice, this means that running projects can be completed on a certain Archicad version, while new projects can be started on a different Archicad version without issue – all hosted on the same BIMcloud.

How do I open an old ARCHICAD File?

How do I open really old files? Download the Archicad 7.0 File Converter package. With this, you can open files as old as 4.1. Then, once converted to Archicad 7.0 format, you can open the file in Archicad 10.

How much RAM do I need for ArchiCAD?


Recommended configuration Minimum Hardware Requirements
CPU Intel Core i5 AMD Ryzen 5 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
Memory 8+ GBRAM
Disk SSD 5+ GB of free space
Graphics card 2+ GB VRAM OpenGL 4.5 compatible graphics cards OpenGL 4.5 compatible graphics card
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Is ArchiCAD or revit better?

ArchiCAD will get the job done just as well as Revit, but Revit is a much more efficient and powerful program.