How do I hide a line in a component in SketchUp?

How do you hide hidden lines in SketchUp?

Eliminating Hidden Geometry

  1. first get rid of all these the terrible guides (click ‘Delete Guide’)
  2. Uncheck ‘Hidden Geometry’ to make invisible.
  3. Select all ( [Ctrl] + [A] )
  4. next check ‘Hidden Geometry’ to turn on its visibliity.

How do you hide and unhide objects in SketchUp?

Select the hidden geometry, context-click the selection, and choose Unhide. (The Hide menu item changes to Unhide when selected geometry is hidden.) For more complex and interactive information on hiding and unhiding geometry visit our SketchUp Help Forum.

Why can I see hidden lines in SketchUp?

In SketchUp, any geometry that’s hidden is still there. You just can’t see or select it. To see the hidden geometry or objects but keep them hidden, choose View > Hidden Geometry or View > Hidden Objects. … Select the hidden geometry, context-click the selection, and choose Unhide.

How do I hide hidden lines?

1. Click File > Options > Entity Display. 2. Under Geometry display settings, in the default geometry display list click Hidden Line or No Hidden Line.

How do you smooth lines in SketchUp?

To smooth edges with the Eraser tool, hold down the Ctrl key (Option on the Mac) while you click or drag over the edges you want to smooth. Use the Soften Edges panel. Located on the Window menu, this panel lets you smooth a bunch of selected edges all at once, according to the angle of their adjacent faces.

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How do you hide lines between groups in SketchUp?

The simplest way is to edit one group and select the bottom-most geometry using a left>right fence and then Hide the selection. Repeat for the other group… this time selecting the top-most geometry and Hide that.

How do I deactivate a profile in SketchUp?

This is done through the styles window, via the edit function. After editing you MUST click on the circular arrow in the style thumbnail icon to update that style (re-save it essentially) to keep the changes you have made.

How do you show hidden components in SketchUp?

Just show your hidden geometry, select the edges you want to unhide, and choose Edit→Unhide→Selected.