How do I find the author of a SolidWorks file?

How can you tell who created a Solidworks file?

You can view the version history for changes made to a file by users in your enterprise. Select the file and click Display > History .

How do you tell who made a file?

You can run strings.exe and look for clues if its a binary file. If its an NTFS drive, you can check the security tab and under advanced/owner, to see who created.

How do you change history in Solidworks?

Right-click the tool and select History. The history dialog box shows all administrative changes for the selected tool in chronological order. You can display a combined history of all administrative changes by right-clicking the vault name and selecting System History.

How do I change the date created in Solidworks?

You can’t change the date/time of creating the file. You also can’t change/remove the designer’s name. All you can do is just make another copy (Save As) and it’ll be with your details.

How do I change the feature properties in Solidworks?

To edit feature properties:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree or in the graphics area, select one or more features, then click Edit > Properties or right-click the features and select Feature Properties. …
  2. Enter a Name if desired.
  3. To suppress the feature, select Suppressed.
  4. Click OK.
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How do you link properties in Solidworks drawing?

To link text to a property:

  1. Click Link to Property in the Note PropertyManager.
  2. Select the place to link from: …
  3. In Property name, select a property from the list of available properties, which depends on your selection in step 2 and where you create the note.

Who changed my file?

Navigate Windows Explorer to the file you want to monitor. Right click on the target folder/file and select Properties. Security → Advanced. Select the auditing tab.

Can you tell what computer a file was created on?

In general there is no way to tell who created a file or on which computer it was created. If this sort of information is important you need to turn on user account auditing and audit the creation of objects. Some programs, such as Word, may contain the name of the creator but not the computer it was created on.

How do I find out where a file came from?

Right-click the downloaded in Finder, and then click the “Get Info” command. You can also select the file and then press Command+I. In the Info window, expand the More Info section. You should see two URLs: the exact one for the download, and also the site you where clicked the link.

How do you use history in Solidworks?

To set the history length:

  1. From an open document, in the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the History folder and click History Options.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under History Length, for Maximum, type an integer between 1 and 99.
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How do you track changes in Solidworks?

System Options > FeatureManager > Design Binder > Show

This journal is a great way to track your designs through various changes or revisions, and remind your team of what changes have been made. To access this Word document, simply double click on the Design Journal file and it will open in Word.

How can I tell what version of Solidworks I have?

In File Explorer, simply right click on the file and choose Properties. On the Details tab, you can see the SW Last saved with version.