How do I find my contact element in Ansys?

What are contact elements Ansys?

The ANSYS code offers stress analysts a variety of contact element options: point-to- surface or surface-to-surface and low-order or high-order elements, in concert with any one of five contact algorithms (augmented Lagrangian, penalty method, etc.).

What is a contact element?

The basic elements in an electric contact system are contacts. The contact with positive polarity is called anode, and the contact with negative polarity is called cathode. … The magnetic force is a function of both current and contact gaps in this case.

What is normal stiffness factor?

Enter the Normal Stiffness factor. The usual factor range is from 0.01-1.0. The default value of 1.0 is appropriate for bulk deformation. If bending deformation dominates, use a smaller value (0.1). A smaller value provides for easier convergence but with more penetration.

What is contact body and target Ansys?

As default in Ansys software, point to surface and surface to surface contact types are used. For the point to surface contact, the “point” is contact and the “surface” is target. … Besides, large surface is chosen as target when the size of one body in contact is very small compare to another one.

What is trim contact in Ansys?

Trim Contact is discussed in the help. Search for “trim contact” then pick the link of Definition Settings. Basically with trim contact active it removes contact and target elements that are outside of the user specified tolerance prior to solving.

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What is shared topology in Ansys?

Shared topology is the only way to achieve a conformal mesh where bodies meet, and is the only way to be certain that the intersection of bodies is meshed perfectly. Shared topology also applies to volume and surface bodies that are completely inside of other volume or surface bodies.

What is pinball region in Ansys?

The pinball region size (i.e., “pinball radius”) defines the boundary between near field and far field open status. The code only calculates gap data for elements in near open stauts. Pinball will influence what amount of gap or penetration is allowed for bonded contact.