Frequent question: How do you merge layers in Lumion?

How do I merge two Lumion files?

Hi euler0312, it is not yet possible to merge 2 or more scenes in Lumion. If each of your team members is working on a separate user-imported model in Lumion (i.e. changing the materials), you can however copy the team members’ model files to a single PC and assemble them in a “master” scene.

What is Merge project Lumion?

Architecture is often a collaborative process, and when you need to bring multiple Lumion scenes together, you can use the “Merge Scene” function.

How do Layers work in Lumion?

How to do it…

  1. Select the Import or Objects menu.
  2. On the top-left corner of the screen, you can locate the Layer menu, as shown in the following screenshot:
  3. Select the Layer 1 option and rename it for something more precise, such as Trees .
  4. With this layer selected, go to the Objects menu.
  5. Add a tree to your scene.

How do you set a layer in Lumion?

Select the object, click on the layer you want the object to be in, click on the arrow below the layer tab to assign it to that layer.

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Can you import one Lumion model into another?

Hi Danniel, you can’t merge models from one scene to another in Lumion.

How do I change my Lumion scene?

How to do it…

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen, select the Landscape menu and click on the Terrain submenu button.
  2. If your terrain is a plane, you may not notice all the variations; therefore, if you want to see how the landscape is affected, click on the Make large mountain option.

What files can Lumion open?

The supported model file formats are as follows:

  • DAE (Collada)
  • SKP (SketchUp)
  • FBX.
  • DWG.
  • DXF.
  • 3DS.
  • OBJ.
  • MAX (Requires a 3ds Max installation)

How do I transfer a Lumion file to another computer?

2.1: To transfer these files to a different PC, please quit Lumion and copy the folders as shown below (provided that they exist): DocumentsLumion (VERSION)Library. DocumentsLumion (VERSION)Recent. DocumentsLumion (VERSION)Materials.

How do I render a SketchUp scene in Lumion?

No, there is no feature to export camera views from SketchUp and use that in Lumion. What version of Lumion are you using? How exact to the mm is needed? capture the view in SkUp with a grid for reference, then set up a correctly scaled plane with the SkUp image to do a sort of Photo-match in Lumion.

How can I improve my Lumion performance?

Go to the ‘Settings’ menu by pressing the ‘Settings’ button – shown in the picture below. By lowering the editor quality and/or resolution you will increase the speed of the editor, which means that you can more quickly fly around your Lumion scene.

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What is the importance of locking layers?

You can prevent objects on specified layers from being selected and modified by locking those layers. When a layer is locked, none of the objects on that layer can be modified until you unlock the layer. Locking layers reduces the possibility of modifying objects accidentally.

How do you move objects in Lumion?

Duplicate selected object(s) by holding down the ALT key while dragging one of the selected objects. Hold down this key and the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON + drag an Object Icon to move the model up or down. Hold down this key and the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON + drag an Object Icon to scale the model.