Best answer: How do I make a name Ansys selection?

How do you name a selection in Spaceclaim?

To create a named selection

  1. Select the objects you want to include in the group. You can use the Selection panel to select objects in the same part that are similar or related to the object that is currently selected.
  2. Click Create Group in the Groups. …
  3. (Optional) Rename the group. …
  4. Send your change to ANSYS:

How do I select multiple faces in Ansys?

Is there an easy way to select multiple faces on a model? Yes. You can select one or more objects quickly and easily by using the Select tool. Click the first face of your design, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click each individual selection you want to add to or remove from your original selection.

How do you split in SpaceClaim?

To split a body by one of its faces

  1. Click the Split Body tool from the Intersect ribbon group.
  2. Select the faces or edges you want to use to cut the body. Hold Ctrl and click or draw a box to select multiple faces or edges. …
  3. Mouse over the body to see the regions created by the cut.
  4. (Optional) Click a region to delete it.

What is Share topology in Ansys?

Shared topology is the only way to achieve a conformal mesh where bodies meet, and is the only way to be certain that the intersection of bodies is meshed perfectly. … Shared topology also applies to volume and surface bodies that are completely inside of other volume or surface bodies.

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How do you select internal faces in Ansys?

You should select the outer faces, then right click and select hide face (F8). That’s how you can have access to inner surfaces.

How do you make a plane in Ansys?

Create a new plane by selecting YZPlane from the Tree Outline and click on New Plane from the Active Plane/Sketch toolbar, near the top of the ANSYS Workbench window. Clicking YZPlane first ensures that the new plane is based on the YZPlane.