Best answer: How do I copy a schedule from one project to another in Revit?

Can you copy schedules in Revit?

Create a copy of schedule. Right-Click the schedule name in the Project Browser. In the context menu select Duplicate.

How do I export a Revit schedule?

Export a Schedule

  1. Open a schedule view.
  2. Click File tab Export Reports Schedule.
  3. In the Export Schedule dialog, specify a name and directory for the schedule, and click Save. …
  4. Under Schedule appearance, select export options: …
  5. Under Output options, specify how you want to display the data in the output file: …
  6. Click OK.

How do I link Autocad to Revit?

Link a CAD File

  1. Open the Revit model.
  2. If you want the linked file to display only in a particular view, open that view.
  3. Click Insert tab Link panel (Link CAD).
  4. In the dialog, for Files of type, select the desired file type.
  5. Navigate to the folder that contains the file to link, and select the file.

What is unique to a newly created workset?

Additionally, worksets are initially Editable, meaning that the user that creates the workset is the Owner. Remember that when someone owns a workset, they are the only ones that can edit any of the elements belonging to that workset.

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How do I create a formula in a Revit schedule?

To add a calculated parameter as a schedule field:

  1. When creating a schedule, click on the Schedule Properties dialog.
  2. When editing a schedule, click Modify Schedule/Quantities tab Parameters panel (Calculated).

How do you Unbreak a schedule in Revit?

Join Split Schedules on Sheets

  1. On a sheet that displays a split schedule, select the schedule. Use the 4-way arrow control to drag one schedule section over the other section.
  2. Release the mouse button. The split schedule sections rejoin into one section.

What is an embedded schedule in Revit?

When creating a schedule for rooms, spaces, duct systems, piping systems, or electrical circuits, you can create an embedded schedule to show information about components that are members of these systems. Create a schedule for spaces, duct systems, piping systems, or electrical circuits. … Click Embedded Schedule.

How do I export a schedule from Revit to excel?

The option to export a schedule in File Menu > Export > Reports > Schedule is grayed out when an electrical panel schedule is the active view.

How do I link Excel to Revit?

Foundations of Revit course!

  1. Linking Excel tables into AutoCAD. Open Excel Spreadsheet. …
  2. Open a new AutoCAD file. …
  3. Click Create a new Excel Data Link. …
  4. Enter Data Link Name. …
  5. Check cell range. …
  6. Modify Data Link settings. …
  7. Click on the Table icon. …
  8. Select Insert From Data Link.

How do I export a Revit 2020 schedule to excel?

How to Export Revit Schedules to Excel

  1. Open the schedule you want to export.
  2. Go to File -> Export -> Reports -> Schedules.
  3. Choose a location and name to save the text file.
  4. On the next window go with the default options making note of the delimiter setting.
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