Best answer: How do I change the cloud in Autocad?

How do I change cloud size in Autocad?

Type PEDIT on the command line and press enter, then select the revision cloud whose property you want to change. Select Width from the command line and specify the width for the revision cloud and press enter twice. You will notice that the width of revision cloud will change as per your specifications.

How do you reverse a revision cloud in Autocad?

To create the revision cloud, do one of the following:

  1. To accept the revision cloud, right click.
  2. To reverse the direction, type Y or choose Yes in the prompt menu.
  3. To leave the command without creating the revision cloud, choose Cancel in the prompt menu or press the Esc key.

What is Revision Cloud command in Autocad?

You can create a new revision cloud by selecting two corner points or polygonal points, dragging your cursor, or you can convert an object such as a circle, polyline, spline, or an ellipse into a revision cloud. Use revision clouds to highlight parts of a drawing that are being reviewed.

What does a cloud mean on a blueprint?

The cloud method indicates changes from the most recent revision only, whereas the second method indicates all revisions to the drawing because all of the previous revision circles remain on the drawing.

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How do you change the radius of a revision cloud in Revit?

To change its boundaries, do the following:

  1. Click Modify | Revision Clouds tab Mode panel (Edit Sketch). Revit enters sketch mode.
  2. Select segments of the revision cloud, and drag the endpoints to adjust its boundaries.
  3. Click Modify Revision Clouds > Edit Sketch tab Mode panel (Finish Edit Mode).

How do I make a revision cloud?

Convert an Object to a Revision Cloud

  1. Click Home tab Draw panel Revision Cloud drop-down. Find.
  2. In the drawing area, right-click and choose Object.
  3. Select a circle, ellipse, polyline, or spline that you want to convert to a revision cloud.
  4. Press Enter to keep the current direction of the arcs. …
  5. Press Enter.

How many selection methods are there in AutoCAD?

Eleven ways of making selections in AutoCAD. There are many ways of making a selection in AutoCAD like a simple window or manual selection by clicking on objects. But there are also many other ways of making a specific type of selections using different tools like Quick Select, Filter and other selection sets.