Best answer: Can you group parts in Onshape?

How do you group things on Onshape?

Right-click a group in the Feature list. Select Hide instances from the context menu.

  1. Create the parts you wish to group (in a Part Studio).
  2. Insert those parts into an Assembly.
  3. Arrange the parts in the desired relationship to each other.
  4. Select Group in the toolbar, and then select the parts to group; click .

Can a document in Onshape have multiple part Studios?

Remember you can add as many Part Studios as you want in the same document (same with all types of tabs).

How do you add parts to an assembly on Onshape?

From within an Onshape assembly tab, click on the insert button to open up the insert dialog. From here, navigate to the desired Document and select the Part Studio or assembly that contains the sketches and surfaces you would like to insert.

What are the two main tool bars in a part studio in Onshape?


  • Sketch toolbar Open by selecting Sketch on the Feature toolbar.
  • Assembly toolbar.
  • Drawings toolbar.

Can part Studios only contain one part Onshape?

Only the parts that must share common references should be in the same Part Studio. When it is time to assemble parts, you can use parts from multiple Part Studios, even from different documents in the same Assembly.

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How do you make things on Onshape?

To create a part:

  1. Select the Extrude tool in the toolbar.
  2. At the top of the open dialog, select Solid.
  3. Select the shaded region of the rectangle.
  4. Accept the defaults for the remaining fields in the dialog.
  5. Click the checkmark to accept the actions and close the dialog. (

What are assemblies in CAD?

An assembly is an AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing object (AECCAssembly) that manages a collection of subassembly objects. Together, assemblies and subassemblies function as the basic building blocks of a roadway or other alignment-based design.

Can Onshape Open STEP files?

The origin and format of the data comes into play with how Onshape translates it: Data from most systems imports via a universal format like ACIS, JT, STEP, IGES, Parasolid, OBJ, or STL.

What files can Onshape edit?

Onshape can import the following file types to Part Studios:

  • Parasolid.
  • ACIS.
  • STEP.
  • IGES.
  • CATIA v4.
  • CATIA v5.
  • CATIA v6.
  • SolidWorks.

Can you animate movement in an Onshape Assembly?

You can animate one mate at a time. Right-click the mate in question and select Animate.